Fisherman Weathervane Stainless Steel



  • Durable Weathervane – Expertly crafted from UV-resistant metal and varnished for enhanced durability, this weathervane stands as a sturdy and reliable outdoor accessory.Effortless Assembly – Designed for easy assembly, this wind-resistant weathervane ensures long-lasting performance and simple installation. It is handcrafted with precision and features an anti-rust coating for added resilience.

    Functional and Stylish – Combining functionality with beauty, this weathervane showcases an architectural farmhouse style that adds charm to any setting. Its simple installation automatically indicates the wind direction, making it both practical and visually appealing.

    Versatile Usage – Suitable for various locations such as home, garden, garage, fence posts, cupola, barn, gazebo, rooftops, weddings, and more, this weathervane enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space. It also makes an excellent birthday gift.

    Specific Product – The Hidyliu Weathervane Stainless Steel Ornament in a metal fisherman design measures 50 * 35 CM. It not only serves as a practical yard and roof decoration but also adds a touch of retro professionalism to your outdoor scene.