Crackle Glass Ball Solar Lights Outdoors



  • Light Sensor & Automatic Switch – Activates automatically at night and charges during the day, providing hassle-free operation. With 6-8 hours of charging during daylight, enjoy 8-10 hours of sustained illumination at night. Say goodbye to wiring concerns (Ensure the switch is in the “On” position before use).

    Distinctive Crack Design – Utilizing solar technology for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, these LED lights feature a unique crack pattern. Crafted from sturdy, thick glass, the sphere emits warm light with a realistic crack effect.

    Simple Installation – Easily install by inserting the ground stakes into the ground, taking no more than 10 seconds to complete the process. For hard ground, avoid twisting or hammering forcefully; instead, soften the ground with water for easier insertion.

    Enhanced Battery Capacity and LED Quantity – Distinguished by upgraded battery capacity, our product boasts 800mAh compared to the standard 300mAh found in similar items. Additionally, we’ve increased the LED count to 30, ensuring brighter illumination year after year.

    Experience the brilliance of HOFLYW Solar Globes Lights for Outdoor Garden Décor, offering crackle glass solar lights perfect for enhancing your yard, pathway, patio, or lawn. Available in a convenient 3-pack.