Pagoda Lantern Statues, 17.3'' Solar



  • Waterproof Craftsmanship – Made from durable resin, this pagoda withstands outdoor elements with IP44 waterproofing for lasting beauty in any weather.Asian Elegance – Inspired by Zen Gardens, this lantern adds Eastern charm to your outdoor decor, exuding peace and harmony.

    Flexible Placement – Perfect for gardens, patios, or pathways, this solar pagoda elevates any outdoor space with sophistication.

    Solar-Powered Light – Charges during the day for 8-10 hours and illuminates for 6-8 hours at night, emitting a soft, warm glow for a tranquil atmosphere.

    Tranquil Atmosphere – The 17.3” Pagoda Lantern casts a gentle, serene glow, ideal for creating a peaceful ambiance in your Zen Garden.

    Dimensions – 17.32″L x 6.3″W x 6.5″H

    Pesoncarl presents the 17.3” Solar Pagoda Lantern, a waterproof statue with a decorative solar light, perfect for Zen landscapes, balconies, gardens, and patios.