Bigfoot Holding Dwarf Statue w Lighted Butterfly's



  • Unique in design – the Bigfoot Monster cradles a dwarf akin to a father embracing a child, both marveling at butterflies’ hand in hand, while casting admiration towards your beloved hero in a stunning garden sculpture. Simultaneously, these luminescent butterflies ensure your garden remains aglow even in the darkest of nights. With their whimsical charm, Bigfoot monsters and endearing dwarfs infuse your garden with a fairytale allure.

    Resilient against all weather conditions – the Bigfoot Monster stands at 7.5X5.9X13 inches, retaining its luminosity regardless of sun or rain, making it a steadfast addition to your outdoor décor.

    As night falls – immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of fairy tale gardens and mystical castles, enriched by the radiant glow of this remarkable Bigfoot gift, enhancing the vibrancy and allure of your surroundings.

    Presenting – the MCCKLE Gorilla Statue, featuring the Bigfoot cradling a Dwarf, accompanied by enchanting butterfly accents, and illuminated by LED lights, this 7.5X5.9X13-inch masterpiece (Variant A) serves as a captivating addition to any garden or outdoor space.