Natural Wooden Hummingbird House, 3 PCs



  • Introducing the Yewacne Hummingbird House, crafted from natural wood to provide a waterproof and durable haven for hummingbird nesting. These houses serve as charming garden decorations, adding beauty even during seasons when hummingbirds are not present.

    Safety is paramount for hummingbirds, and our houses are meticulously designed with reinforced structures to ensure the roof remains securely attached. Equipped with sturdy twine, these houses offer stability and security.

    Measuring approximately 5.5 x 2 inches, with a perfectly sized hole of 1.1 inches, our hummingbird houses are tailored to accommodate these delicate creatures comfortably.

    The innovative drain hole design ensures a clean, dry, and well-ventilated nest, creating an inviting environment for birds to reside over an extended period.

    While there’s no absolute guarantee that hummingbirds will utilize these decorative houses (as is the case with any birdhouses), they unquestionably enhance the aesthetic appeal of any backyard or garden. Yewacne takes pride in its dedication to bird products, and our commitment extends to providing 24-hour service to address any inquiries or concerns.

    Elevate your garden experience with the Yewacne Hummingbird House – a set of 3 charming wooden hummingbird nests, perfect for outside hanging, and an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts or home decoration.