Lg Cedar Bat House, Double Chamber, Weather Resistant



Meticulously designed with bat preferences in mind, the Kenley bat house features a specially engineered 2-chamber interior, providing an ideal roosting and living space. The grooved and well-spaced design, coupled with a textured platform featuring perches and skerfs, ensures easy landings for bats.

Crafted from cedar wood, this bat box is naturally weatherproof, resistant to rot, and built to endure the elements for long-lasting use. With an impressive 80% chance of occupancy in bat territory, this design outperforms single-room models.

Installation is a breeze, as the bat house arrives pre-assembled, offering a secure and dry habitat for bats. The sturdy hanger hook and pre-drilled hole facilitate quick mounting on poles, trees, or walls. With external dimensions of 15×9.2×3.2 inches, it is a compact yet effective addition to your outdoor space.

Hang the bat house 12-15 feet high, facing south or southeast, in a clear flight area devoid of obstructions. Opt for a location sheltered from the wind yet receiving a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Supporting local bat populations contributes to the health of ecosystems and sustainable agriculture. Providing a safe bat box prevents bats from seeking shelter in buildings, averting potential damage and nuisances. The Kenley bat house is a considerate choice for promoting the well-being and survival of these vital creatures.

Kenley Bat House – Large Double Chamber Bat Box for Outdoor Use – Handcrafted from Cedar Wood – Weather-Resistant Bat Houses for Outdoors – Designed to Attract Bats – Easy Installation