Modern Couple Floor Tiered Water Fountain w LED



  • Dimensions: Standing at 47 inches high, with a width of 13 inches and a depth of 11 inches. It has a capacity to hold 3-4 gallons of water and weighs 20 pounds.

    Contemporary LED Fountain: This modern couple LED fountain is a creation by John Timberland, suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

    Tiered Design with Illumination: Featuring a tiered design, this fountain incorporates built-in LED lights in the top basin, adding a captivating glow to the surroundings.

    Sleek Finish: Adorned in a chic noir black finish, this fountain boasts a lightweight resin construction, making it effortlessly portable and easy to position.

    Convenient Features: This plug-in fountain comes equipped with a water pump and an 8-foot-long cord for added convenience.

    Embrace Love: Celebrate the essence of love with this black LED fountain, depicting a couple in a tender embrace. As water gracefully descends down the gentle curves and sleek lines, illuminated by two LED lights, it brings life to the design. This fountain serves as a stylish modern accent piece, complementing both indoor and outdoor decor.

    Introducing the Modern Couple Outdoor Floor Tiered Water Fountain, standing at 47 inches high and adorned with LED lights, perfect for enhancing your garden, patio, yard, deck, home, lawn, porch, office, bedroom, exterior, or balcony. Designed by the esteemed John Timberland brand.