Sphere Curve Outdoor Bubbler Water Fountain w LED Light



  • Dimensions: Standing at 39 1/2 inches high, with a width of 16 1/2 inches and a depth of 18 inches. It has a generous capacity, holding 5 to 6 gallons of water, and weighs 32 lbs.

    Contemporary Sphere Zen Fountain: This modern sphere Zen fountain, featuring a built-in light, is crafted by the renowned John Timberland brand.

    Faux Stone Finish: Adorned with a faux stone finish, this fountain boasts a lightweight resin construction, ensuring effortless mobility and positioning.

    Versatile Usage: Easy to move and position, this fountain can be utilized indoors or outdoors, whether on a patio or in a garden setting.

    Plug-In Fountain Design: This fountain operates via a plug-in design and comes complete with a water pump, LED lights, and a 6-foot-long cord for added convenience.

    Embrace Modern Elegance: Enhance your living space with this sleek and modern fountain, which seamlessly integrates cosmopolitan decor with the tranquility of nature. The gentle cascades of water evoke a sense of relaxation, while the softly lit bowls contribute to its luxurious aesthetic.

    Crafted with Excellence: Featuring distinctive glass treatments, hand-applied finishes, and durable construction, John Timberland fountains, outdoor lighting, and garden accents are designed for individuals who appreciate the grandeur of the great outdoors.

    Introducing the Modern Sphere Curve Zen Outdoor Floor Bubbler Water Fountain, standing at 39 1/2 inches high and adorned with LED lights, perfect for enhancing your garden, patio, yard, deck, home, lawn, porch, or exterior balcony. Created by the esteemed John Timberland brand.