Peacock Wind Spinner



  • Introducing the VEWOSTAR Outdoor Wind Spinner – A Stunning Addition to Your Garden Decor.

    Peacock Elegance – Crafted with double peacocks and intricate peacock feathers, this metal wind spinner is coated with a rust-proof finish for enhanced durability. The vivid peacocks bring a burst of vitality to your garden yard, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

    Sturdy 3-Prong Anchor Stand – Unlike traditional two-pronged stakes, our peacock windmill features a 3-prong anchor stand, providing superior stability. This design ensures firm planting, reducing the risk of shaking, especially during windy days.

    Dual Bearing Movement – Elevate your outdoor decor with our wind spinner’s dual-bearing movement. The solid metallic construction and two-tiered blades rotate smoothly in opposite directions on sealed bearings. With an extra-large size of 13″ wide and 58.2″ high, this reversible wind spinner becomes a prominent and appreciated feature in your garden.

    Perfect Yard Art – Immerse your garden in beauty with this exquisite wind spinner. The realistic peacock design and shimmering beads make it an ideal choice for enhancing any landscape or garden area. Let it create a special visual sensation in your yard, becoming a focal point of admiration.

    Stress-Relieving Charm – Watch the peacock wind spinner spin gracefully with the wind, creating a relaxing atmosphere on your sun porch or yard. Release the stress of the day as you enjoy the mesmerizing display. This metal peacock wind spinner also makes a thoughtful gift for avid garden lovers.

    Elevate your outdoor space with the VEWOSTAR Outdoor Wind Spinner – where art, nature, and relaxation converge in perfect harmony.