Pure Copper, Red Rooster Weathervane



  • Seamless Assembly – Effortlessly put together the Good Directions 1975 Red Bantam Red Rooster Weathervane with included figure, rod, solid brass directionals, and copper globes.

    Optimal Size – The dimensions of this weathervane are 19″L x 36″H x 15″W, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to your outdoor decor.

    Handcrafted Elegance – Meticulously crafted by American artisans, this weathervane is handcrafted from durable 22-gauge pure copper, showcasing a captivating red and bronze patina.

    Single Point Contact℠ Design – With the exclusive Single Point Contact design, this weathervane ensures easy spinning, adding a dynamic element to your outdoor space.

    Versatile Placement – Ideal for various settings, including home, garage, cupola, barn, or gazebo, this weathervane complements a range of architectural styles.

    Built to Last – Crafted from 22-gauge pure copper, this weathervane is designed to age naturally over time, promising a timeless and enduring aesthetic.

    Roof Mount Recommendation – For optimal installation, consider the Roof Mount (401AL), which is recommended and sold separately.

    Good Directions Artisan Design – Embrace the beauty of Good Directions Artisan Design, ensuring that this weathervane stands out as a stunning and unique outdoor accent.

    Experience the Wind’s Grace – With the Single Point Contact design, enjoy the weathervane’s easy spinning motion in response to the wind, adding a touch of kinetic artistry to your outdoor landscape.