Satin Black Retriever Weathervane



  • Functional Adjustability – The clutch base of the Montague Metal Products 32-Inch Deluxe Weathervane is easily adjustable to accommodate most roof pitches, ensuring versatility in installation.

    Durable Craftsmanship – Hand-cast from rust-free recycled aluminum, this weathervane boasts durability and strength, promising a long-lasting addition to your outdoor decor.

    Resilient Finish – The satin black enamel finish, baked onto the aluminum components, adds a layer of lasting resilience to the weathervane.

    Versatile Application – Suitable for use on a 24″-30″ cupola, two-car garage, or medium-sized home, this weathervane offers a versatile and attractive accent for various architectural settings.

    Clear Directional Indicators – The weathervane features arrow-shaped directional indicators for North, South, East, and West, providing both functional and decorative elements.

    Variety in Design – The weathervane’s base showcases a sleek satin black finish, while the ornaments come in various color options, allowing you to customize its appearance.

    Proudly Crafted in the USA – Proudly crafted by a small business in the USA, this weathervane from Montague Metal Products combines quality craftsmanship with a functional design, ensuring pride in both its origin and construction.

    Montague Metal Products 32-Inch Deluxe Weathervane with Satin Black Retriever Ornament offers a 32″ cast aluminum deluxe weathervane. The mast, directional letters, and arrow feature a baked-on satin black enamel finish for enhanced durability. The globes are spun aluminum and finished with gold anodizing. This weathervane is recommended for use on a 24″ – 30″ cupola, two-car garage, or medium-size home.