Smokeless, Wood Burning, Fire Pit



  • Experience Unmatched Outdoor Elegance with the Bonfire Fire Pit.

    Innovative Design – Bonfire redefines outdoor fire experiences with its all-stainless-steel construction, pushing the boundaries of combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist design. The 2.0 version introduces a removable base plate and ash pan for effortless cleaning, enhancing its uniqueness.

    Smoke-Free Enjoyment – Our camping stove features the Signature 360° Airflow and a double-wall design with bottom vent holes, allowing oxygen to feed the fire from below. This innovative approach creates a burst of hot air over the fire, reducing smoke without the need for batteries or fans in your fireplaces. Revel in a fire experience without the lingering post-fire smell on your hair and clothes.

    Durable and Easy to Clean – Crafted from 304 stainless steel, Bonfire combines durability with surprising lightweight construction. The removable ash pan, located under the base plate, conveniently collects fine ash in one place. Cleaning is a breeze – lift the base plate to remove the ash pan and effortlessly dispose of its contents.

    Portability Redefined – Weighing just over 20 pounds, Bonfire is your perfect companion for the next adventure. Pack it up in the included carry case and ignite a fire wherever you go – be it camping, beach parties, or a backyard makeover.

    Effortless Enjoyment – Creating memorable moments should be easy. The outdoor patio heater construction eliminates the need for parts and assembly. Simply flip the ring, light a fire, and savor the warmth of this 14×19.5-inch wood-burning fire pit, perfect for outdoor gatherings.