Three Urn n Pillar Rustic Outdoor Floor Water Fountain



  • Dimensions: Standing at 35 1/2 inches high, with a width of 13 1/2 inches and a depth of 11 1/2 inches. It has a weight of 32 lbs.

    Traditional Three Urn Fountain: This traditional rustic fountain features three urns and is brought to you by the esteemed John Timberland brand. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

    Soothing Water Flow: Water cascades down three levels, creating a tranquil and relaxing sound that enhances any environment.

    Faux Stone and Ceramic Finish: Adorned with a faux stone and ceramic finish, this fountain boasts a lightweight resin construction, allowing for easy mobility.

    Convenient Setup: This fountain comes complete with a water pump and a 16-foot-long cord, ensuring a fast and hassle-free installation process. Additionally, it is backed by a one-year warranty on both the pump and the fountain.

    Introducing the Three Urn and Pillar Rustic Outdoor Floor Water Fountain, standing at 35 1/2 inches high, perfect for cascading water in your garden, patio, backyard, deck, home, lawn, porch, living room, exterior, or balcony. Created by the distinguished John Timberland brand.