Sun, Metal Wind Spinner, w LED Light



  • Solar Wind Spinner – Harnessing solar power, this outdoor metal wind spinner features double blades. As dusk descends, it gracefully rotates in the breeze, emitting a soft, radiant glow, providing visual delight in your garden. The charming sun-face design ensures easy visibility and appreciation.

    Unique Design – Adorned with a sun face motif, this wind spinner boasts double “sunlight” blades and solar lights. As it whirls in the wind, the radiant light enhances its allure, adding extra charm to your garden.

    Double Wind Sculptures & Spinners – Featuring two-tiered blades, this sun metal wind sculpture incorporates LED filament winding on the larger blades. Equipped with sturdy metal stakes, these kinetic wind spinners stand firm even on windy days.

    Yard Art Spinners – Infuse vitality into your garden with this outdoor wind spinner. A perfect embellishment for gardens, lawns, yards, and beyond, it enhances outdoor decor with its vibrant presence, elevating your garden ambiance.

    Easy Installation – Effortlessly install these wind spinners for yard and garden by assembling them and placing them in a sunny spot using the metal stakes provided. Enjoy the beauty of your garden decor hassle-free. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us promptly.

    VEWOGARDEN Garden Solar Wind Spinner – Illuminate your outdoor space with this stunning sun outdoor metal wind sculpture, serving as captivating yard art decor for your patio, lawn, and garden.