Ceramic Grecian Water Jugs Fountain



  • CERAMIC FOUNTAIN – Witness the mesmerizing flow of water as it bubbles and cascades down the finely sculpted Greek key design jars of our self-contained ceramic fountain, producing a soothing, resonant sound. Crafted from kiln-fired, fine ceramic, this fountain boasts a sleek, glossy, waterproof finish.

    PERSONAL OASIS – Experience the serene ambiance created by the gentle cascade of water into the spacious ceramic fountain basin, transforming your patio, Zen Garden, or front lawn into a tranquil retreat adorned with other garden embellishments.

    LOW-MAINTENANCE OUTDOOR DECOR – Hand-fired in a high-temperature kiln for stability and then glazed with a unique formula for a distinctive, smooth, glossy, waterproof surface, our premium ceramic water fountains are effortless to set up. They require no additional plumbing and come equipped with adjustable UL-approved indoor-outdoor fountain pumps. Simply fill them with water, submerge the pump, and plug it into a standard electrical outlet to enjoy the melodic sounds of water.

    DESIGN TOSCANO WATER FEATURE – Exclusively crafted for the Design Toscano brand, this freestanding waterfall garden fountain serves as a captivating centerpiece for your patio, lawn, or outdoor garden decor.

    OUTDOOR WATER FOUNTAIN – Our perfectly proportioned water fountain, ideal for your lawn, patio, or outdoor adornment, measures 9 inches in width, 10 inches in depth, and 23½ inches in height, weighing 17 lbs. This fountain comes with a 65 GPH (gallon per hour) fountain pump.